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National Alliance on Mental Illness


NAMI Stanislaus promotes mental health services in the Stanislaus County areas. Operating since 2002 as a non-profit organization NAMI Stanislaus helps people with mental illness, their families and the community by providing emotional support, education and advocacy. We aim to reduce stigma and to improve services by partnering with mental health agencies, persons with a mental illness and family members.


Working with the members in NAMI's In Our Own Voice, Ending the Silence and Provider Programs, I get so much reward. One reason is they appreciate the opportunity to share their lives and tell their stories. To schedule a presentation, call me Lynn Padlo Director at (209) 404-6015. This is what one speaker had to say:


I have never done public speaking before and I was very tentative when I started Ending the Silence. Now, I feel very comfortable sharing my life with others to help erase the stigma. Mental Illness is treatable and people can have a fulfilling life. I am working full-time now and have a support system." D.B. (Ending the Silence speaker)




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Phone: 209-558-4555

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