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Due to COVID-19 Our office hours are as follows

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday Closed
Please leave a Message at 209-558-4555 someone will return your call in 24-48hours.

Tuesday OPEN from 8AM – 11AM


NAMI Stanislaus Support Groups, Family to Family Classes, Ending the Silence and In Our Own Voice Update:

NAMI Stanislaus is working diligently to offer support groups, classes, and speaker presentations on Zoom. Our Modesto Connection group will most likely be the first group to utilize the Zoom format.
Because of the Covid-19, we have needed to postpone our support groups, Family to Family classes and mental health presentations. We will be working towards offering these classes on Zoom also. Because the class is now 8 weeks vs the previous 12 weeks, our teachers will be doing an online teacher update.
We are also working on offering our In Our Own Voice and Ending the Silence presentations via Zoom. We will keep you updated as we proceed.

Please keep safe.

Dar Thomas



In The News: National Alliance on Mental Illness, Stanislaus

April 16, 2020

APR. 09, 2020

By Tracy Riggs

Social Isolation

One of the mental health conditions I deal with is social anxiety. So, you would probably think that I rejoiced when the CDC guidelines came down about social isolation. However, that’s far from the truth.

Social anxiety doesn’t mean I want to be a hermit. I still crave human interaction, just not all types (like crowds, small talk or making phone calls).

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    We know many of our community members are concerned about the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. We hope you are safe. To help, we have gathered updates, tips, and resources for you from reputable sources.
    Quick Tips
    Stay informed, but consider limiting your news exposure; see our links to reputable sources for information below, including the CDC and California Department of Public Health; we will also keep this page updated with the latest information and additional resources as we get them.

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    By Sarah Marsh | Feb. 07, 2020                                                                                                                                                                       

    Secrets and lies.

    That’s how I would describe the beginning of my decades-long battle with mental illness.

    The year was 1996, I was 17 years old, and my life came to a stand-still because of depression,

    anxiety and an eating disorder. I had no community to call upon, few friends that knew of my struggles.

    Everyone knew something was wrong.

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    By Shainna Ali | Dec. 26, 2019

    Take a moment to consider all the people in your life: your coworkers, friends, family. At any given time, 1 in 5 of these individuals is living with a mental health condition. You may have noticed them struggling, but if you’re not a trained mental health professional, you may not have known how to help.
    However, you can help. You can be supportive and encouraging during their mental health journey.

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    This week, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will consider a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to designate 9-8-8 as the 3-digit number for a national suicide prevention and mental health crisis hotline.

    NAMI applauds Chairman Ajit Pai and the FCC for their leadership on this issue and strongly supports the creation of a national 3-digit number as an essential part of a network of services and supports for people experiencing a mental health crisis. The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline,

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    By Anna Sharma | Dec. 30, 2019

    Mental illness is not just something we cope with or fight against. It is something we must accept as a part of us.

    When I was first diagnosed with bipolar disorder, my default thinking was that everything in my life was ruined because I was “suffering.” I thought (and was even told) that I could not safely travel long distance, I could not enjoy a cup of coffee without becoming manic,

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