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Operating since 2002 as a charitable non-profit organization, NAMI Stanislaus promotes the general welfare of persons with mental disorders. NAMI Stanislaus helps people with mental illness, their families and the community by providing emotional support, education and advocacy for those suffering from mental illness; to reduce stigma and to improve services by partnering with mental health agencies and family members.

NAMI Stanislaus is a local nonprofit organization serving the Stanislaus County areas. We are officially affiliated with NAMI California and NAMI National. NAMI Stanislaus’ teachers, facilitators and mentors receive special training by our state and national affiliates. They are trained to implement our signature programs and provide services in a format that is both structured and welcoming. We have successfully implemented our signature programs throughout the Stanislaus County communities including high schools, colleges, churches, and clinics. Our target populations are adults with mental illnesses or adults with early symptoms of mental illnesses. NAMI has awareness and anti-stigma programs for the general public. We also provide support and services to family members that have a loved one with mental illnesses. In fact, NAMI Stanislaus was founded by concerned family members and primary caregivers of persons with mental illnesses.

These programs and presentations target the tremendous need for information and mental health education. In most communities, NAMI is the only place you can learn about mental illness and get the support you need. Our programs and presentations cover mental illnesses, medications, recovery and mental health maintenance. A person can get a deep insight into what it is like to have a mental illness or live with someone who does.

Please call NAMI Stanislaus to find out where and when the next presentation or meeting date will be. Also you can check out our Calendar or Support Groups pages for upcoming classes.

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