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The following Mission Statement is part of the NAMI Stanislaus Bylaws:

The purpose for which this organization is formed is to administer and manage the affairs of the NAMI Stanislaus as a charitable non-profit organization to promote the general welfare of person with mental disorders (mental illness) in the following manner:

  1. To offer emotional support, understanding and encouragement to persons having a mental disorder, and to their families and friends.
  2. To educate the community and ourselves about mental disorders, and work toward removing the stigma of mental disorders.
  3. To promote excellence in outpatient and inpatient care of person having mental disorders at both state and community levels.
  4. To solicit for affordable quality housing for persons having mental disorders.
  5. To encourage vocational training, and job placement for persons having mental disorders.
  6. To promote research, and alternative treatment modalities.
  7. To cooperate with other groups who have similar interests and goals to achieve our common objectives.
  8. To encourage the inclusion of the family members in the decision making for the care and treatment of their family members in the mental health system.
  9. To solicit and receive funds to accomplish these stated objectives.


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