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Board Leadership

Welcome to our family of National Alliance for Mental Illness – NAMI Stanislaus!

Our group works to be a wealth of information to you the consumer, the family member, the friends and relatives of those dealing with day-to-day issues of living with a mental illness

2017-2018 Board of Directors

Our Board has a hands-on approach and act as leaders of NAMI services. If you would like to contact one of our Board Members, you can email

President – Darlene Thomas
Family to Family Coordinator
Peer to Peer Coordinator
Family to Family Teacher
Family and Connection Support Group Coordinator

Family Support Group Facilitator

Provider Presenter
(209) 656-8855

Vice President – 

Secretary – Shelley Stevens
Family to Family Teacher

Treasurer –Tammy Reynolds
Family to Family Teacher

Board Members

Allison Clark
Outreach Event Coordinator
Peer to Peer Teacher
Connection Facilitator


Puja Mehta

Program Coordinator

2017-2018 Office Staff

Lisa Jackson – Office Assistant
Monday – Friday 8am-11am
(209) 558-4555

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