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NAMI Stanislaus Programs Brochure
NAMI Stanislaus Programs Brochure (Spanish)


“Basics” is an education program for parents and other caregivers of children and adolescents living with mental illnesses. The course consists of six 2 1/2 hour classes, and is taught by trained teachers who are the parent or caregiver of individuals who developed the symptoms of mental illness prior to the age of 18 years.

Ending the Silence

“Ending the Silence” is a program to lessen stigma and raise awareness about mental illness among teenagers. The 50-minute program uses a video and personal stories of presenters with lived experience of mental illness, and is typically presented in the freshman/sophomore classes during the mental health portion of the curriculum.

Parents and Teachers (pdf download)

Schools are in a key position to help identify mental health concerns early and to link students and parents with services. “Parents and Teachers as Allies” is a presentation free to teachers, support staff and parents.

Family to Family Classes  (pdf download)

These classes are for family members, partners or friends of a person who has a mental illness. It is a free 12-week class offered in both English and Spanish.

Peer-To-Peer Classes

NAMI Stanislaus presents this class to consumers with a team of at least two trained peers who can help consumers deal with their illness and maintain their recovery. It runs for 10 weeks.

Provider Training

This is a 5-week class that NAMI Stanislaus presents to service providers to help them collaborate with family members to better serve clients and their loved ones. In addition, the class helps family members understand how the provider works with clients.

In Our Own Voice (IOOV) (pdf download)

The IOOV presentation demonstrates how individuals with severe mental illness experience recovery. Each program presenter has been through training to translate the story of his or her own struggles and successes. It is a powerful anti-stigma tool that can change hearts, minds and attitudes about mental illness. It is a 60-minute presentation, which also uses a DVD of other people in recovery.

Support Groups

NAMI offers several support groups for family members and consumers each month. Call the NAMI office (209) 558-4555 for times and dates.

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